February 26th, 2016. Kansas.

Kansas! We were hoping to make the town of garden city for flying but with sunset fast approaching, we arrived at the local airport in the small Kansas town of Syracuse. Like everywhere else we have been in America, everyone is just so welcoming and helpful and we met a guy called Rick who just happened to ow a nearby property. Flying from the town would have put us out into the middle of nowhere for landing so we decided on flying into the airport which had already given us permission to land at... Rick just happened to own a property in exactly the right place for distance and direction. So taking off, and climbing to a few thousand feet we could see probably fifty miles in all directions. We had to use the winds at different heights to be sure to make the airport before sunset but not before our fifteen minutes and sure enough landed near the hangar to be greet by a crowd of around forty people including the local press who turned out bemused by a balloon in the sky.