March 07th, 2016. Connecticut.

After a very windy day in Connecticut, the forecasts were showing the wind would drop to light in The last hour of the day. The local pilots had suggested an area further east but this again looked full of tree coverage. I spent a good hour looking at the satellite imagery of the whole state and found an area north east of Hartford which was fairly open. We scouted the landing areas by road to be sure as landing at speed if necessary in this part of America is tricky to say the least. Happy with the conditions and direction we took off only to get what now appears to be a typical New England change of wind... However the upper winds were stable and we were able to remain clear of the airspace and track East before a fairly quick sea breeze orientated landing. With a tight landing space found we used the largest tree on the edge of the field to stop the balloon before parking it immediately behind. A technique fairly popular in this part of the world Im told! With only Vermont left in New England, thats now where our attention is... #37 Connecticut