March 13th, 2016. Iowa.

One of the most enjoyable flights of the whole trip tonight. We had driven 700 miles since dawn in order to make it to western iowa and a chance to fly tonight. Turns out if was an effort worthwhile as the low clouds cleared and the rain moved away just as forecast and we were left with a wonderful evening. Launching Fairly early in stable winds, we flew for an hour and a half enjoying light steerable winds and easy to navigate landing spots. Tonight there was no urgent speed to get more than one flight, no pressure from lack of landing spaces, no impending sunset... In fact we had a really relaxed enjoyable flight with birthday boy Tony Molony on board Flying from Creston airport, Iowa We landed on a farm with more friendly landowners who were also experienced balloon crew. This simply leaves Nebraska to complete an historic clean sweep of all the contiguous states and if we can achieve this tomorrow, it will be within 34 days. It feels like Christmas Eve tonight knowing the forecast for the morning is good. We have a fabulous launch town in mind but also one eye on a great place to land and finish our incredible adventure. #47 Iowa