March 12th, 2016. Ohio.

We could have taken the easy option and flown in northern Ohio this morning just fifty miles from our final landing spot last night. However, this morning contains some special strategy..... Last night Matt Torgerson more than proved his salt as a great friend when I called him late needing help to find propane. He met me in Indianapolis to pick up my tanks around midnight, took them home, refuelled them for me, then brought them to Ohio to meet me at dawn. Just fabulous help and unselfish as it allowed my team to get a luxurious four hours sleep.....! We were staying in Aberdeen Ohio and headed out at dawn to find a launch site. We stumbled on an old peoples home and Tony went in to get permission. He was gone a little time so we sent Matt in to check he was ok - we think they were giving him the tour! A 30 minute flight, nice and easy after three days in New England. Landing at a very friendly farm, a quick pack up and its strategy time..... #46 Ohio