Colouring the States

17/02/2016 - 23:00 - Louise Moore

Before the team left for the US, they presented the office with a special present... a blank map of the US states.

While we were initially confused as to why we needed another map, as at that point we had more than Stanfords, we were told this was so we could colour in each State every time they had a successful flight.

A very thoughtful gift and also a test of our colouring skills. Perfect!

We are now loving our multi coloured map and take huge joy in marking off another State once we know the team have successfully and safely landed.

Mike, Jack and I have been hard at work organising permissions and press for the team and with the time difference, the further West the team head, the less sleep we seem to get.

While the weather has not cooperated as much as it could have, the guys have managed flights in nine states and are giving us some amazing pictures and stories from their adventure. All of this in only 12 days!

We are looking forward to seeing what the northern states bring to the adventure and are hugely proud of what they are achieving....if not slightly jealous!

Good luck guys and we miss you...most of the time. #FlyEveryState