We would like to thank the following companies who have chosen to support our adventure.

Ultramagic Balloons have been designing and manufacturing hot air balloons for over 25 years. During this time the company has grown to become the second largest hot air balloon manufacturer in the world.

“ We encourage Andrew Holly to achieve this difficult challenge. I am sure he will find many people to help organize it in the best way, being then a shared experience for all. We will follow on the web how it is going and wish him the best luck.”
- Josep M Lladó, Pilot and Founder of Ultramagic Balloons

Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare. The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to dentistry and brain surgery.

Virgin Atlantic now serves over 30 fabulous destinations worldwide from dazzling cities and dream family holidays in North America to African adventures, relaxing Caribbean Islands or a taste of the exotic in Asia.

Rhenus Group is a global logistics service company with a turnover of € 4.2 billion. Rhenus has business locations at more than 460 locations worldwide and employs 25,000 people. The Rhenus business areas - Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics, Port Logistics and Public Transport - manage complex supply chains and provide a wealth of innovative value-added services.

Sporty's, the world's largest pilot shop, has been offering high quality aviation products and supplies for more than 50 years.

Sporty's have supported the team by providing all of the sectional air chart maps for the whole of the U.S.

The Johnny Cash Museum takes you on an in-depth journey through the Man in Black's amazing life and features hundreds of artefacts and interactive exhibits.

We would like to thank the staff at the Johnny Cash Museum who are very generous in welcoming the team and providing a private tour of all things Johnny Cash!

For over 154 years Historic Diamond Caverns has offered tours of Kentucky's most beautiful cave. Presented by state-of-the-art lighting, Diamond Caverns features intricate drapery deposits lining the halls in cascades of naturally colorful calcite.

Chattanooga Choo Choo Historic Hotel has train car hotel rooms, hotel suites, convention center-meeting rooms, restaurants and attractions.

Dunleith is an exquisite 1856 Historic Inn located in the heart of charming Natchez, Mississippi. This unique inn is listed as a National Historic Landmark. Dunleith sits on 40 landscaped acres. The property is graced with original historical buildings dating back to the 1790’s.

Clarksdale, Mississippi has long been described as "Ground Zero" for blues aficionados from around the globe. It all started here. That's why Ground Zero Blues Club® was created — to celebrate the area's rich blues heritage and to provide a forum in which it can continue.

Located at Ø Blues Alley next door to the Delta Blues Museum in the heart of historic downtown Clarksdale, Ground Zero Blues Club® opened in May 2001. Owned by local attorney and businessman, Bill Luckett; Academy Award-winning actor and Mississippi Delta resident, Morgan Freeman; and Clarksdale native and Memphis entertainment executive, Howard Stovall; Ground Zero Blues Club® is the place for anyone looking for an authentic Delta Blues experience.

This is the original B.B. King’s Blues Club located in Memphis, Tennessee, the home of American blues music, legendary musicians, famous barbecue, historic landmarks and great basketball. With live entertainment every night of the week – from authentic blues to classic soul and rock and roll – and a menu full of Southern favourites, the club is a popular destination spot on Memphis’ historic Beale Street.

Romantic, underground spot for steaks & seafood with a vintage speakeasy vibe & cozy seating.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta first began in 1972 and is an annual festival of hot air balloons that takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico during early October. The Balloon Fiesta is a nine day event, and has over 500 balloons each year. The event is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world and is considered to be the ballooning capital of the world.

Founded in Burlington, Vermont in 1978, Ben and Jerry’s still has its main factory in Waterbury, Vermont. Now producing a range including super premium ice cream, greek frozen yogurt, frozen yogurt, and sorbet, the factory allows guests a glimpse of the ice-cream world.

In addition, special thanks to the following people who have made this trip possible:

  • Marilyn and Brian Axtell
  • Natchez and Dyson
  • Phil Saunders
  • Tom Moore
  • Jan and Tony Jones
  • Tony Molony
  • Matt Torgerson
  • Stacey and Irie
  • Kevin Holmes
  • Roy Smith
  • Laura Roberts Stewart
  • Larry, Tjwanna and Drew Torgerson
  • Skip Durham
  • Bill Luckett
  • Amos Harper
  • Fred Poole
  • Josep and Jordi
  • David Torras
  • Annaclaire Tadlock
  • Randall Bart
  • Julie DeGiovanni
  • Jill Crawford
  • Marvin
  • Mike Wilson
  • Jonathan Prater
  • Eddie Ray
  • Carol Ray
  • Maryanne Ray
  • Coulter Streetman
  • Dustin Liberto
  • Kermit Boykin Jnr
  • Randy Bielefeld
  • Ricky Warren
  • Preston Clark
  • Megan Ashley Fink
  • Nicole Hester
  • Curtis Moroney
  • Dr Bill Bussey
  • Lynn and Joe H Paddie Jr
  • Dave Smith
  • Hartley Peavey
  • Joe Heartsill
  • Nancy Heartsill
  • Kate Heartsill
  • Rhett Heartshill
  • Jobi Heartsill
  • Everly Heartsill
  • Pauline Baker
  • Buzz Wills
  • Paul Petrehn
  • Madeline Schmitt
  • Neal Langford
  • Skip Van Wyk
  • Andy Richardson
  • John Parrott
  • Ellen Parrott
  • Susie and Cliff Cook
  • Julie, Kelvin, Beth and Paige Cherrington
  • Kevin Morris
  • Alex Parslow
  • Kelli Grantham
  • Kris and Andrew Hlebechuk
  • Barry and Judy McGonigle
  • Karen Jones
  • Jill Crawford
  • Stacy Button
  • Denni Barrett
  • Chris Trippe
  • Matt Cunningham
  • Jamie Long
  • Darryl Long
  • Dottie Blake
  • Jillian Danielson
  • Joe Zvada
  • Danny Adams
  • KC Stallsmith
  • Matt Knowles
  • Gary Meyers
  • Pam Meyers
  • Brad Temeyer
  • Denni Barrett
  • Colin Graham
  • David Levin
  • Adriana Llado Gambin
  • Jeff ‘Kong’ Shields
  • Kelli Grantham
  • Camile Johnson
  • Bryan Hill
  • Kevin Cloney and Vicki
  • Sheldon Grauberger
  • David Levin
  • Roberta Levin
  • Ron Flloyd
  • Cindy Flloyd
  • Denni Barrett
  • Mike Hoover
  • James Morgan
  • Ed and Sue Lee
  • Tony Molony
  • Joey Durcan
  • Carolyn Brooks
  • Dylan Anowles
  • Ledes Chaine
  • Tyler Brooks
  • Bob Baker
  • Kelli Grantham
  • Kim Furman
  • Kim Rivera
  • Cheryl Rivera
  • Bryce Anderson
  • Ron Floyd
  • Cindy Floyd
  • Ckyler Floyd
  • Corbyn Floyd
  • Cayden Floyd
  • Richard Sarslend
  • Robin Floyd
  • C J Wilson
  • David Levin
  • Roberta Siegel Levin
  • Martin Philpott
  • Donna Marie Young
  • Ken Garner
  • Marc Andrew Stewart
  • Susan Cossette
  • Art Hodge
  • Glen Hodge
  • Jackie Hodge
  • Autumn Patronelli-West
  • Glen O’Bryan
  • Shannon Davis
  • Jim Falls
  • Richard Duren
  • Dillon O'Bryan
  • Joseph Hurdt
  • Briana Marie Witmer
  • David and Karen Lord
  • Arin Auger
  • Ken Lovell
  • Tassie Blondin
  • Marti Powers
  • Matthew Boysen
  • Andre Boucher
  • Bill Brewer
  • Robbie Brewer
  • Amy Brewer
  • Mike Prentice
  • Brenda Thiem
  • Tim Hand
  • Pat King
  • Tommy Atilano
  • Taylor Wilson
  • Nathan Lavallee