Fly Every State - Berkeley Primary School

12/03/2016 - Louise Moore

The Fly Every State record attempt continues to generate huge interest and support but this time it was back in the UK, within the local community of Exclusive Ballooning's head office. Operations Manager Louise Moore visited Berkeley Primary School this morning and gave a presentation during a whole school assembly.

Louise spoke to the children about what a hot air balloon is and showed pictures of the different shape and size balloons that Exclusive Ballooning operate. She then explained the Fly Every State record attempt, showing pictures of their most amazing flights to date. The children especially liked the picture of the team flying over a meteor crater!

The whole school were very excited to learn of the project and keen to show their support. They recorded a very special message to send to the team wishing them luck with the remaining flights!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Debbie Marklove and all of the children at Berkeley Primary School.