Nebraska - Balloon Flight

14/03/2016 - Andrew Holly

We've just landed at Wahoo airport to complete probably the toughest challenge I've ever set my myself. A fabulous last flight of an hour above a very pretty Nebraska landscape. Our landing at 09:51 local time observed by our official observer means our final timing total is 33 days, 1 hour and 11 minutes to achieve a flight in every one of he 48 contiguous states. We have the press here with us and actually now waiting on the national press who want to come along too! Didnt all go smoothly this morning though, we woke to thick fog and a surface wind of 10mph. Not what we had forecast. So some quick flight planning and we headed west 30 miles to a town called Prague. Finding a launch site proved tricky this morning but eventually and much later than planned we were airborne. Great views of the Wahoo water tower (Google it!) and an easy steerable flight into the centre of the airfield. It hasnt sunk in yet but its been the most incredible journey. The final mileage from start to finish (although the van doesnt stay here) is 16,706.6 miles. Im so proud of the huge team of people that have helped us achieve this. Behind the scenes the amount of strategy planning has been immense. Will post in due course as there are far too many people to thank to list on this post but were down safe and sound, we are smiling and weve carved a little piece of ballooning history for ourselves Right now, weve spotted the perfect place for a celebration. Steak and eggs with a chocolate malt milkshake and an earl grey tea :) #48 Nebraska #FlyEveryState