New Jersey - Balloon Flight

09/03/2016 - Andrew Holly

And another makes 40! Ive already flown in New Jersey before a few years ago in a special shape iPad. But our record insists same balloon and has to be ratified and of course it needs to be with our 30 days which end tomorrow. Blue skies have returned and our launch site - a stable yard shut for the winter - provided great entertainment as we met Pat, an 83 year old Irish chap who used to work in Bristol. Quite the character, he was bemused by what we we trying to do.. Flying my cousin Alex who we kidnapped from Ramsey, New Jersey to help out, we flew for around 30 minutes landing in blazing sunshine and as a contrast to the last few days now we are in to shirts again. No flying tonight - firstly too windy and secondly we have 17 hours in the van to make the next state.... If feels great to make the tally 40 though, that "4" is psychological - feel good now! #40 New Jersey